The Miss Univers Pageant of 3001 Winner: Miss Vega 4.

Miss Universe Pageant of 3001 was a beauty pageant held in the year 3001 on the planet Tova 9. It was hosted by Zapp Brannigan. The competition is shown in the episode Lesser of Two Evils in Season Two.

The date of the event is unknown, but the Miss Parallel Universe Pageant is the day after.

This is the only known Miss Univers Pageant on Futurama.

The RulesEdit

The only known rule of the pageant is that the contestants must not exceed more than 50% implants.

Also Florp, Calculon and Zapp Brannigan gives a score (what we assume is, but is never confirmed) between 1 and 10 to the contestants.


An unknown number of people who where competing, but more than 10 made it to the final, all from different planets. The known finalists:

  • Miss Arrakis
  • Miss Methane Planet, Halatina Smogmeyer
  • Miss Earth's Moon, The Crushinator.
  • Miss Pluto
  • Miss Demeanoe
  • Miss Unnamed Planet #2856-B
  • Miss Heaven
  • Miss Vega 4, Gladdys Lennox
  • Miss Perfect Little
  • Miss Alien Language
  • (Miss Leela)

The Winner Edit

Zapp would open an envelope with the name of the winner. He overhears Leela and mistakely shouts out her name, so it is assumed that she is the winner and she gets the title. But Zapp says to the crowd that he has not opened the envelope yet. When he opens it, it is Miss Vega 4, Gladdys Lennox who wins and the title is removed from Leela. Of the finalist the winner was Miss Vega 4, Gladdys Lennox - a Paramecia. Zapp Brannigan sang the Miss Universe Song for her. Miss Vega 4, Gladdys Lennox won the title, a tiara - with a single atom of Ambodia (worth more than 100.000 $) and a bouquet of flowers.

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