MomCorp (designed as momcorp) is the major corporation owned by Mom, that dominates a number of industries. MomCorp owns the copyright on "Mom", "Love" and "Screen Door". This corporation is also the main corporate rival of Planet Express.

It is possible that MomCorp is a continuation of an earlier company or companies that created robots long before Mom was born, with one such example being the Friendly Robot Company, which created Robot Santa Claus in 2801. Another interesting case is the acting unit Calculon, who may be seen revolting with his fellow Robots due to Mom's control devices in the robots she plants in her Robots, despite being created before 2019.

Stock Ownership Edit

Mom: 99.7%
Walt: 0.1%
Larry: 0.1%
Igner: 0.1%

Divisions of MomCorp Edit

Mom's Friendly Robot Company Edit


Mom's Friendly Robot Company

Most likely founded in the mid-2920s, Mom's Friendly Robot Company made it big in 2972 after Mom was contracted by DOOP to mine the large deposit of dark matter in the planet Vergon 6. Since then the company has been responsible for the design and manufacture of many models of robots on Earth. These robots descend from a Sport-Utility Robot created by Professor Hubert Farnsworth in 2928, which sacrifice fuel efficiency for a robot with more flexibility.

Mom's Friendly Robot Company also provides existing robots with spare parts and Mom's Old-Fashioned Robot Oil.

Mom's Friendly Delivery Company Edit

The major delivery company for Earth. Like other conglomerates it buys up and absorbs smaller competing companies such as PlanEx.

Mombil Edit

Responsible for collecting and selling Dark Matter, it had a virtual monopoly on the fuel until it was rendered inert by the Anti-Backwards Crystal. The Name is a play on Mobil, a Gas Station Company.

MomCorp Old-Fashioned Jams, Jellies and Military Systems Edit

Responsible for military systems production and research. In Tip of the Zoidberg, it takes up a mission to unethically (and possibly illegally) catch and dissect a Tritonian to obtain its poison organs for biological warfare research.

Products Produced by MomCorp Edit

Appliances Edit

  • Automatic Staplers
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Coffee Makers
  • Hairdryers
  • Lights (e.g. Traffic Lights, Lamps, etc.)
  • Mechanical Washing Units
  • Toasters

Robot Models Edit

Transportation Edit


  • Biological warfare

Others Edit

  • ATMs
  • Cameras
  • Gift Cards (e.g. Comrade Greeting Card)
  • Hand held Computation Devices.
  • Hocus-pocus cure for cancer.
  • Orphanage-grade toilet paper.
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Toys/Weapons (e.g. Q. T. McWhiskers)
  • eyePhone
  • Suicide Booths
  • Mom's Old-Fashioned Robot Oil
  • Tanks

Appearances Edit

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