Monkey Sea, Monkey Doom! is the first issuе of the Futurama series of comic books. It was released on November 22, 2000.


Fry, Leela and Bender stumble upon a time capsule from 1979 while digging a hole in the Planet Express basement. Among the things they find is a coupon for Sea Monkeys. They head out and buy the Sea Monkeys for a dollar from Sal and his assistant, Ronnie.

Fry wants to prove to his friends how great the 20th century was using the Sea Monkeys but they aren't so Fry becomes frustrated and throws them into a barrel of radioactive waste. The day after Zoidberg roots through the waste for leftovers and finds Fry's Sea Monkeys, only this time they're a lot bigger. The monkeys keep rapidly growing throughout the day and the day after they are the size of a building and are destroying New New York.

Professor Farnsworth then hands them an "Incredibly Powerful De-Radiation Gun" which they install on the Planet Express ship but the sea monkeys swallow the ship before they get a chance to shoot them but Fry and Leela jump out at the last second.

Bender then discovers that the coupon for the Sea Monkeys has a "100% satisfaction or your money back!" guarantee so the crew calls Sal who kills the Sea Monkeys. The Mayor then "awards" the crew with an 80 thousand dollar bill to clean the city of the giant corpses but Leela suggests Zoidberg eats them instead.

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