Monument Beach
Monument Beach 1
Planet Earth
City or town New New York
First appearance When Aliens Attack

Monument Beach was a beach side park in New New York that boasted a collection of many of the world's greatest monuments. However, it was destroyed by the Omicronians and their "Monument Destroying Laser."

Monuments Edit

The monuments present at the beach were:

  • The White House from Washington D.C.
  • The Sphinx from Giza, Egypt
  • Big Ben from London, England
  • Randy's Donuts from Inglewood, California
  • Some of The Easter Island Heads from Chile
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa from Italy
  • Mount Rushmore (with an extra head, the evil villain governor that stole the monuments from their respective places and brought them to Monument Beach) from Pierre, South Dakota.

Appearances Edit


  • Although The White House is shown on this beach, it appears in Washington, D.C. in later episodes. It could be possible that it was rebuilt it in Washington D.C. or that the one at Monument Beach is just a replica.
  • The Sphinx is shown in Giza in Space Pilot 3000 but is seen on Monument Beach as well. It could be possible that it was rebuilt in Giza or the one at Monument Beach is only a replica.
  • Big Ben was shown in That Darn Katz! landing in Paris, France where the Eiffel Tower was after the Earth stopped rotating. It was later crushed after the Statue of Liberty landed on it. It could be possible that the British rebuilt Big Ben or that the Big Ben at Monument Beach is only a replica.