• Bender's greeting card parodies radical Marxist/Leninist philosophy. The phrases it utters parody several of Marx and Engels' best known maxims, such as 'liquor is the opiate of the human bourgeoisie', originally, 'religion is the opiate of the masses'.
  • The Mother's Day cards are processed into Orphanage Grade Toilet Paper, after a cash magnet removes any money.
  • Protesters chant "Hey Hey, Ho Ho, 100110", binary for 38.
  • The episode's opener "Larva-tested, Pupa-approved" is a reference to the breakfast cereal Kix, whose slogan was "Kid-tested, Mother-approved!"
  • The map used to find Mom's cabin includes "Cloakwood Forest", a reference to a location in the Dungeons & Dragons video game Baldur's Gate.
  • On TBS' airing of this episode Mom's quote "Now go conquer Earth, you bastards!" was removed.
  • Q.T. McWhiskers was originally designed to become a cute children's toy and a giant version of it went rampaging the city could be a reference to the stay puft marshmallow man form the movie Ghostbusters
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