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Munda's mother (born 2898) is the mother of Munda and the mother-in-law of Morris.

She is the maternal grandmother of Leela and the maternal grandmother-in-law of Philip J. Fry I.

She is the maternal-maternal great-grandmother of Kif Kroker's offspring.


When she was a child, she worked on the Land Titanic before it land-drowned.

She was carried out by her mother and they made their way to the evacuation shuttle. Because they were mutants no one was willing to move aside for them but they were saved from the disaster by Mr. Astor, who gave up his seat.

Years later, she brings up this to Mrs. Astor about the kindness of her husband. She remarks because of his sacrifice she was able to go on and have a daughter and her daughter went on to have a daughter of her own, revealing she is the grandmother of Leela.

A shocked Leela asks her mother why she had never had heard this story and Munda replies, "My mother's nuts".


Munda's mother as a child