"Murder on the Planet Express" is the eleventh episode of Season 10 (broadcast).


A gruesome murder happens in the Planet Express ship with the Planet Express crew as the main witnesses. They try to keep away from the murderous alien creature and restart the ship.


The Planet Express crew believes they cannot trust each other. Fry accuses Bender of using his toothbrush to polish his ass. Leela accuses Amy of hitting her punching bag with Amy's golf clubs. Amy accuses Leela of using Amy's golf club to pound out dents in the ship, and Hermes accuses Zoidberg of eating his exotic lunches. After video proof shows other Planet Express crew members doing the acts others are accused of, Professor Farnsworth believes it's time for a trust building work retreat. Dan McMasters is in charge of this work retreat. Dan McMasters picks up a hitch-hiker in space. When it's revealed that the hitch-hiker is actually a human eating monster who devours McMasters, the Planet Express crew runs to the ship's panic room trying to hide from it. The monster starts eating everybody on the Planet Express ship, and it's revealed that he's actually a shape-shifter who mimics the crew members to get close enough to devour them. Fry and Bender, thinking they're the only two alive, unexpectedly meet Dan McMasters who tells them it was part of the trust building retreat; everyone is safe at a pizza party and the shape-shifter is actually harmless. Bender and Fry disintegrate McMasters. When it's revealed that Dan wasn't lying, Fry and Bender now have a secret between them. They now know they can trust each other, but in the last scene, the television says that the missing case of Dan McMasters is thought to be a homicide, the person who turns in the murderer gets 1 million dollars. In the case that it's two criminals, if one of the criminals turns in the other, they will receive 2 million dollars and get off scot free without charges. Bender and Fry look at each other with devious stares and then to the telephone.

This episode is inspired by the 1982 movie "The Thing".