The Native Martians are a species of alien native to Mars.


They once owned all of the land on Mars but sold it to The Wong family for a giant diamond, thinking it was a worthless bead. After the Human colonization of the surface of Mars they were sent to live on underground reservations. The reservations are only accessible by the great Face of Mars or the great Ass of Mars.

After they found out the diamond was really worth a lot of money, they were pleased their ancestors weren't swindled left to find a new home with the diamond. They abandoned Keeler Canyon 5 years before the events of Into The Wild Green Yonder.

Although they seem to lack technology, they own a fleet of spacecrafts.

Abilities Edit

Known Members Edit

  • Singing Wind
  • Cynthia
  • The Crying Martian
  • Peace Pipe Martian
  • Female Martian
  • Martian Archers

Trivia Edit

  • The Native Martians are not based on Native Americans. That would be undignified.

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