The Nerdist Podcast Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow Presents, RADIORAMA! in 47 MINS

The podcast Nerdist organised a "radio show" audio only double episode of Futurama, first published on 27 November 2017. The double episode was entitled RADIORAMA.

Radiorama plot[edit | edit source]

It is November 27 in the year 3017. The gang's all here, including Philip J. Fry and Leela, with no explanation as to how they escaped the time loop and time freeze from the final regular episode of Futurama.

Calculon is brought back from the dead, again, to star in a podcast (audio only) revival of All My Circuits. Bender applies for, and wins, the role he previously played on the soap opera, Calculon's stepson.

Visiting his mother to tell her the good news he discovers that his mother is dying from Planned Obsolescence!

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