Norman Zoidberg
Gender Male
Species Decapodian
Relatives Father: Norm Zoidberg
Mother: Sam Zoidberg
Adoptive mother:Sadie
Brothers:John A. Zoidberg
Uncle:Harold Zoid
Status Deceased
First appearance "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles"
Voiced by Billy West

Norman Zoidberg was a decapodian who was a sibling to John A. Zoidberg. He died after budding off of John and his other siblings, subsequently falling into the Fountain of Aging, which caused him to age so rapidly that his body ultimately disintegrated. Initially, Norman was mistaken for John, as the two looked and sounded exactly the same.

Another of Norman's siblings remarked that "he always had to be the center of attention" following his death and the others agreed.

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