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"So... Tell us. How's the intergalactic real estate going?"
"Pretty good. I just sold a castle to the King of Space. But, somehow, I keep finding myself thinking about this place. An' things."
"Things like me or... Things like this badminton racket?"
"You, Fry. Bender, while you still have your giant brain, please... Tell me: If Fry an' I ended up together—"
"It's too late, Leela. He's good, old Bender again. 'E's totally useless."
"Well, not totally! Before they reset me, I figured out the answers to life's great questions. Uh... This is the reason we exist. This is which ceilin' fans are gonna fall. Aha! Found it! Fry and Leela's Ultimate Fate... By Bender."

"Overclockwise" is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 6 of Futurama.


An increase in Bender's processing power enables him to foresee the future.

Opening Sequence[]

Futurama logo with subtitle, Alienese and (often), cartoon.


After they lose an online video game against Mom's sons, Cubert over-clocks Bender so he can process faster. As a result, they beat their opponents, sending them crying to Mom. Suspicious, Mom hacks into Cubert's game box feed and learns about the overclocking. Mom becomes worried that if people learn how to overclock her Robots, then they will have no incentive to buy new robots. Mom has Professor Farnsworth and Cubert arrested for voiding Bender's license agreement. Turns out, Hubert forgot that he signed the license agreement due to being too lazy to read it over in order to get Bender to bend a straw for him. At trial, Cubert and the Professor are ordered to locate Bender, and are forced by Judge Ron Whitey to pay $10,000 every day until he is found, threatening to bankrupt Planet Express.

Meanwhile, Bender continues to gather processing power, eventually gaining deity-like intelligence and powers, enabling him to anticipate future events, such as Mom sending robots to capture him to restore him to factory settings. Bender sets an elaborate trap involving a microwaved turkey, a volleyball net and Dr. Zoidberg to beat these robots and steal their processing chips, increasing his capacities even further. The side-effect of this is that Bender requires an extreme amount of coolant to prevent himself from overheating, causing him to leave Planet Express to find another, larger source of coolant.

Meanwhile, Leela feels like her relationship with Fry is in a rut and leaves Planet Express to become a space real estate agent. Depressed, Fry talks with Randy Munchnik about Bender's disappearance. Despite Randy's suggestion that Bender would probably go to a place with a lot of coolant and power, Fry decides to commit suicide by falling off Niagara Falls in a barrel. But amazingly, he finds himself in a cave underneath the falls, where Bender has developed into an omnipotent being, using the waterfalls as his new cooling system. Fry tries to convince Bender to help Professor Farnsworth and Cubert, but Bender is unconcerned with their troubles, stating that they are guilty and will be convicted. Fry asks Bender if he has a future with Leela, but Bender does not answer and tells him to leave.

After Fry returns to the trial, Bender has a change of heart and appears in court, but he is ignored. However, he assures his friends that the jury probably didn't have to unfairly accuse Cubert, a minor. Fearing that Cubert will gain the jury's sympathy, Mom decides to drop the charges against Cubert while still attempting to prosecute the Professor. However, Bender seeks a mistrial on the grounds of double jeopardy, declaring that by dropping charges against Cubert who is the Professor's clone, Mom is unable to press charges against the Professor for the same crime because they are legally the same person. Enraged that she cannot prosecute the Professor, Mom forcibly captures Bender and resets him to factory settings. As he is carried away, Fry asks Bender about his future with Leela. Bender says there's no time, but proves he has enough to trick Zoidberg into getting hit by a ceiling fan.

As Bender has been restored to factory dumb-setting, Leela returns to Fry, who still wonders what the future holds for both of them. Bender reveals that he had written down his prediction of their future, which Fry and Leela silently read together. The contents of the prediction are not shown, but Fry and Leela's reactions indicate that their relationship will have its ups and downs but will ultimately have a happy ending.

Ongoing Themes[]

Fry & Leela[]

  • Fry refers to his relationship with Leela as the best thing in his life.
  • Leela, for her part, is concerned about the future of her relationship with Fry. She finds its on again, off again, nature difficult, and she worries that it might be holding her back.
  • When Planet Express is on the cusp of going out off business, due to the Professor's legal fees, Leela decides to leave. Fry tries to get her to stay, and Leela is sad to leave him, but still chooses to go.
  • Having lost Leela, the Professor, and Bender, Fry becomes depressed. So much so that he attempts suicide.
  • Leela returns, apparently drawn back to the Planet Express Building by thoughts, and memories of Fry.
  • Both Fry, and Leela, when they read Bender's predictions about their future, express mixed feelings, Ultimately, though, they are pleased with their future together.

Mom & the Professor[]

  • Mom is pleased to get one over on the Professor, though not enough to die happily.
  • Foiled by Bender, Mom decides to take a petty revenge on Bender by restoring him to his factory-settings