Owls are an order of birds of prey that consists of over 200 different species. The species of those in New New York is currently unknown.

By 2999, owls replaced rats as the primary pests in the New New York area and are able to eat a wider variety of foods, as some are seen eating seeds from Fry in "Parasites Lost". It also appears that the problem has grown big enough to merit owl exterminating services.

Their habitats resemble those of the rats that they replaced, as they come out of an owl hole in security footage in the episode "Bendless Love".

The inclusion of owls in Futurama may be a subtle parody of the role of owls in Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. In that story, owls were the first animal to succumb to environmental degradation and were extremely rare or in fact extinct. Futurama's inclusion of owls as a ubiquitous pest species seemingly illustrates just how wrong Mr. Dick's view of the future was.





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