Panucci's Pizza was a pizzeria in Manhattan, Old New York in the late 20th century and early 21st century.

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The restaurant appeared to have an overall good corporate climate, although Mr. Panucci did not take public health laws particularly seriously. The interior of the restaurant included green decorative and some rips in the edges of the walls, revealing the bricks beneath. The tables included orange seats and red and white checkered tablecloths.

The standard pizza carton used by Panucci's Pizza showed an Italian chef uttering the words "Do not tip delivery boy". The restaurant included a Monkey Fracas Jr. arcade game.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The restaurant in 1999

Philip J. Fry I was making a pizza delivery to the fictitious I.C. Weiner on December 31, 1999, when he fell into a cryogenic tube at Applied Cryogenics and was frozen. This ultimately led to his eventual awakening in 2999.[1] However, he eventually traveled back in time and resumed his job at the restaurant until it closed. Mr. Panucci never learned about Fry's time travel.[2]

The shop existed until at least 2010, but was closed some time before Seymour died around 2012. The entire building was destroyed by Bender in 2012,[3], but somehow was preserved.

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