The Paradox-Correcting Time Travel Machine is a big green orb that possesses the capacity for time travel. It is summoned to Earth by Bender Bending Rodríguez reading a sequence of binary code tattooed to Fry's behind. It is activated by the binary code, "001100010010011110100001101101110011", which is heard by the God Entity, sending a Level 87 time sphere to the person who recites the code. It can take anyone who steps inside it anywhere in time, a one way trip unless you repeat the code again.

A xeroxed copy of the code is discovered in Decision 3012 and used by Chris Z. Travers to keep Richard Nixon's head from winning the 3012 election.

Trivia Edit

  • The only known people to have used the sphere are: Nudar, Fry, Bender and Senator Travers. Since the time code is a "one way" trip (meaning one can go backwards but not forward in time), these four characters have different ways to combat this. Fry freezes himself in a cryogenic tube, Bender waits for thousands of years under the Planet Express Building, Nudar simply lives for 24 hours (he only went back one day) and Travers simply stays where he is as he was planning to live to become the President of Earth during the election of 3012.
  • It could be a parody of The Anomaly From the Primeval series.
  • The code is the numbers 1 through 6 in binary, stacked vertically and then mirrored.
  • The code hides also the initials of Matt Groening.

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