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Pickles was the oracle for the future crimes division.


He was programmed with all the knowledge of some of the greatest detectives in history to predict future cases.

Fry was impressed by his history, especially when Pickles helps him in several cases. One went to the Hedonismbot's house to stop Bender from stealing the Maltese Liquor he found out that Pickles was the culprit. He explained his plan that he set up a fake crime to frame Bender, take the liquor and destroy his Human brain cells, and live in bliss/ignorance.

To ensure his success, he replicates his fake prediction by having Bender give him the real bottle, having foresaw he had a fake. He then ordered Fry to shoot Bender to destroy the fake bottle while killing Bender. Fry refuses and fires at Pickles and the bullet bounces off of the invisible case and accidentally hits Bender. Pickles then shoots Fry, setting up a scenario where they killed each other over the bottle while he gets off scot-free. He drank the liquor and destroyed his human brain cells. He was excited that he had no idea of what would happen next only to find out Fry and Bender both survived as they had bullet proof vests, and that two of the future crime division officers were hiding in "prediction proof glass" and is arrested. He questions how they knew his prediction was fake, as Fry explains Bender would never share like he did in the prediction.


  • It was ironic that he sought to lose his powers, as this led to his arrest.
  • Losing his powers did not seem to affect his personality.



Minority Report (2002) Based off the story by Phillip K. Dick.