Planet Express, Inc. is the delivery compаny started by Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth to help fund his research and employs a range of individuals to help deliver packages to clients.

Employees[edit | edit source]

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Company history[edit | edit source]

Despite being largely incompetent at actually delivering packages without dangerous complications, the company has received some prestigious contracts over the years, being contacted by as important employers as:

The reason for this fact is based on the company's ad describes the value of the company in term of delivery packages to dangerous and lethal places where no one (or even the near-monopoly Mom's delivery service) are brave and/or stupid enough to go through. Furthermore, due to the Professor's unscrupulous tendency to accept bribery to deliver illegal packages to criminals like firearms, the company also has a lot of clients from various criminal organizations ranging from street gangs to the Robot Mafia.  


PlanEx[edit | edit source]

In 3002, the Professor was temporarily replaced as CEO of the company by Steve Castle, a businessman defrostee from the 1980s. Using the ruthless 80's business tactics, he applied a new business stratagem that focused more on reworking the image of Planet Express than on actually delivering packages. Although Planet Express, rebranded "PlanEx inc.", actually was less productive under the leadership of That Guy, he was successful in convincing the competition that they were a serious competitor and he agreed to sell the company to MomCorp's delivery branch so Carol Miller could gut the company and eliminate it as a competitor. But the resurgence of That Guy's boneitis, allowed Philip J. Fry I to stop the takeover and control of the company returned to the Professor.

Awesome Express[edit | edit source]

In an effort to gain the respect of their fathers, Dwight Conrad and Cubert J. Farnsworth started their own "delivery" company, Awesome Express. Although Hermes Conrad and Hubert were unimpressed at first, their minds were changed when Awesome Express began making more money than Planet Express and the boys eventually bought out their fathers' company to expand their paper delivering enterprise.

However, Dwight and Cubert were unable to keep up with the rapidly increasing responsibilities and were eventually forced to seek the help of their fathers, who then regained control of Planet Express.

The Nudist Alien Scammers[edit | edit source]

After Hubert is scammed out of control his company by internet scammers, Planet Express is transformed into a base from which, the scammers eventually scammed control of Earth itself from the government. It is assumed that the scammers disbanded the company after it gained control of the Planet and proceeded to evict all Earthicans from it, but continued using the Planet Express building as their headquarters. When the combined forces of Earth (and several other planets) liberated their home world, Planet Express was once again in the delivery business.

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