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The Planet Express crew is the crew of the Planet Express company. Turanga Leela, Philip J. Fry, and Bender Bending Rodríguez are the ones who usually go out on deliveries, occasionally accompanied by the other members. As many as five (5) crews are referenced in various episodes.

#5 - Captain Turanga Leela: Leads current crew in show.

#4 - Unknown Captain: Led crew killed by space wasp. In episode 1 premiere Professor Farnsworth empties a large manilla envelope labeled "Contents of Space Wasp's Stomach" pouring out the career chips that are implanted into the hands of current crew, #5.

#3 - Captain Lando Tucker: Led crew eaten by space whale, Mobius Dick, including Candy and Lifter (Robot).

#2 - Unknown Captain: Led unnamed crew killed by giant space bees.

#1 - Captain Musky: Led unnamed crew. Backstory unknown.


Current Crew

The Delivery Crew

Office Management

Other Crew Members

  • Amy Wong Ph.D (Crew member, Former long-time intern to Professor Farnsworth, PhD physicist, Daughter and sole heir to multi billion dollar fortune of Martian-based Wong family)
  • John A. Zoidberg MD or Ph.D (Staff Doctor)
  • Scruffy Scruffington (Handyman)
  • Lord Nibbler (Pet/Fuel Supplier)
  • Enema Bot (Gives out pre-delivering Enemas)
  • Robot 1-X (Office Assistant)
  • Lutis D. Macacio (Personal Assistant)
  • Essqua B. (Assistant Robot 1)
  • Essqua G. (Assistant Robot 2)
  • Drangeous V. Gididandous (Shape-Shifting Manager)
  • Wash Bucket (Handyman's Assistant)
  • LaBarbara Conrad (Crew Member, part-time Accounting assistant, Wife of Hermes Conrad)

Old planet express crew

Past Crew

The Delivery Crew

  • Lando Tucker (Captain) - retired
  • Candy (Delivery Girl)
  • Lifter ("Devisitatingly handsome" Robot)
  • Captain Musky (Captain)
  • Zapp Brannigan (Assistant Delivery Boy to Fry)
  • Kif Kroker (First Mate, Janitor)
  • Clyde (Horse)
  • Francis X. "Clamps" Clampazzo (Cutter/Snipper) - Member of robot mafia joins crew under orders of DonBot to track down and "clamp" Bender. Bender was placed in the witness protection program after testifying in court against the robot mafia. Clamps returns to his previous mafia job after being defeated by Dr. Zoidberg in a old west style street fight.

Office Management

Other Crew Members