Pluto is a planet in the same Solar System as Earth. Leela and Scruffy go there to save the penguins as it is a penguin habitat along with other cold adapted creatures. They actually start hunting them. The penguins are eventually left with remaining guns from Waterfall and their future remains unknown. Its Moon Hydra was used as a Hole for Leo Wong golf course.

It has several McPluto restaurants over it. It also has a moon named Charon.


  • In Futurama penguins are largely extinct on Earth with the exception of a select few in zoos but they exist in large numbers on Pluto!
  • In 2006 a bunch of pompous old windbags claimed that Pluto was a "Dwarf-Planet" rather than a Planet.
  • McPluto is an apparent reference to the restaurant chain McDonalds.
  • Pluto also has a total of five moons, Charon and Hydra, as stated on the show. The others are Nix, Styx and Cerberus.




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