Project Satan
Project satan
Gender Male
Species Were-car
Age 981
Planet Earth
Profession Original Were-car
Relatives Other Were-cars
Status Deceased
First appearance "The Honking"
Voiced by David Herman
"Misery? What misery? I love killing people! Squishing them till their organs squirt out like chunky mustard!"
Project Satan[source]

Project Satan (2019 to 3000) was built by Humans in the past, as a military project to create the most evil car possible. Project Satan, the original were-car, was built from parts of other evil cars, of which the following was identified:

From Project Satan a line of were-cars were created as several robots were "bitten," of which Calculon was the first to be infected. While staying in the Castle in Thermostadt he inherited from his late uncle Vladimir in 3001, Bender Bending Rodríguez was infected by a local were-car. The Planet Express crew then tracked down Project Satan to the Anti-Chrysler Building by following the line of infected Robots. In a final face-off with Project Satan, the demonic car was finally destroyed by accidentally driving into the very, very, very, very, very hot furnace, melting him and thus curing all those infected by the were-car virus.

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