Bender: Look, a single mother! Let's get her!

Hermes: When the lights go out, it's nobody's business what goes on between two consenting adults.
Zoidberg: Or one!

Preacherbot: The path to robot hell is paved with human flesh!
Bender: Neat!

Robosexual robot: I read in Esqwired magazine that some robots are hard-wired to be robosexual.
Preacherbot: Don't believe those lies, son! The only lies worth believing are the ones in the bible!

The robosexual robots are standing in front of human dummies.
Fat-Bot: Look at the rack on that one … I mean, the one on the rack.

Hermes: Ja mon! You got to legalize it!
Amy: We're talking about robosexual marriage.
Hermes: We're talking about lotsa stuff.

Mother: If robosexual marriage becomes legal, imagine horrible things that will happen to our children. Then imagine we said those things, since we couldn't think of any. As a mother, those things worry me.

George Takei: We flipped a coin before the debate and Bender stole it. So we'll start with him.
Bender: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury … oops, sorry, force of habit.

Bender: After all, our love isn't any different from yours. Except it's hotter, 'cause I'm involved.

Farnsworth: (debating against Proposition ∞) At the risk of losing this debate, I beg you: Support Proposition ∞!

Amy: We did it, honey! Finally we can have a legal, monogamous marriage, like everyone else. Bender: Woohoo-yah … monogamous!? (cut to Bender with two fembots on a beach)

Roberto: Hey Bender, you ever kill a man with a sock. Its aint so hard. Yaa yaa Hiyaaa! (swins sock around)

Morbo: I hated Jim!

Wine Robot: Low wine level detected!
(pours wine into glass)
Amy: Thank you!
Leo: Stop seducing him, you hussy!
Amy:Dad, Gleesh, I'm attracted to Bender, not his emotionless wine bucket!
(A tear falls from the robots eye)
Wine Robot: Hopes...deleted.

Amy: We can't beat that much stock footage of clouds.

Amy:Bender! Why do you always have to be so mean to me?
Bender:Shut up, babe, you love it.

Amy:Don't tell me to shut up!You know what happened to the last guy that told me to shut up?
(Scene cuts to Amy and Bender in bed)
Amy:That was great.
Bender: (Sexually) Shut up.
'Amy: (Moans and climbs on him)
Bender: Aw, yeah. Come on baby!
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