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This time I'm calling for the death penalty. And not just because I'm running for re-election as Supreme Mutant.

–Raoul in "Leela's Homeworld"

Raoul is one of three main mutants, often found alongside Dwayne and Vyolet. He is the leader of the mutant village that lies in the sewers underneath Planet Express.


  • Raoul has an arm growing out of his head that he has full use of.
    • In some episodes, this arm replaces his right ear. Despite this being referenced in I Second That Emotion, this design does not show consistently in future episodes.
  • Like most mutants, he has spots/lumps everywhere.


  • He is the mayor of the mutant village. Almost always acting as the official spokesman for the group. He is also responsible for meting out punishments and his decisions are usually unquestioned.


Raoul seems to be the soft spoken one of the group unless something official or important comes up. He rarely wastes his time with unimportant comments, but when he does uses an extremely sarcastic tone.

Raoul appears to have a close friendship with Morris, Leela's father: In Leela's Homeworld, Raoul allows Leela and her friends to leave the sewers with their lives intact at Morris' urging. In Less Than Hero, the two are seen fishing together with Leg Mutant. Raoul is one of the few mutants who Morris directly reveals Leela's role as Clobberella to.

Events in Love and Rocket suggest that Raoul and Vyolet are romantically involved. Currently, their relationship has not been developed beyond the single scene shown at the end of the episode.

His voice has a similarity to that of Sideshow Bob.





  • In the comics, Raoul's last name was confirmed to be Inglis.