Robot Leela: "Am I really just a robot? I mean, I have Leela's memories, her opinion of gazelles; majestic, her emotions; confused and hurt."

Philip J. Fry: "I swear, I didn't know this would happen, the only thing I truly know is, I love you. I mean her. Wait, help me out here."


Amy: Bender! People are trying to have emotions right now

Bender: You think I want to party? I'm sick of partying. Woo-hoo more partying [beat boxes then flame-burps]

Leela: [Wakes up] Bender! SHUT THE HELL UP!

[Everyone stares in shock then Bender heats up]

Professor: Bender stop shutting the hell up!

Professor: After all, there's always hope.

Fry: Really?

Professor: No, don't get your hopes up.


Professor: Dr. Zoidberg, can you note the time and declare the patient legally dead?

Zoidberg: Can I? That's my specialty!


Leela: How is this possible? And can you believe she wore a tank top to my funeral?

Robot Leela: Shut up! We gotta get out of here! (The Cyclophage stomps into view.)

Leela: No, you shut up, we gotta get out of here!


(The ship begins to take off, then wobbles erratically. Inside, the two Leelas fight over the steering.)

Leela: There's no room for two captain's butts in this chair!

Robot Leela: There would be, if you'd taken the Spin class instead of lounging around in a coma.

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