• First segment:
    • The first act is a parody of the old cartoons like Mickey Mouse from before color TV was invented.
    • At one point, to get stronger muscles, Fry eats jelly from a can, and his muscles swells up like mushrooms. This can be a reference to how Popeye the sailor used spinach to make himself stronger
    • In the first segment, Amy resembles "Betty Boop".
    • Everybody wears Mickey Mouse gloves except Dr. Zoidberg and Farnsworth.
    • At the end of this segment, Bender bursts through the screen saying, "T-t-t-that's all you get, ya jerks!". This is a reference to the end of most Looney Tunes episodes where Porky Pig bursts out of a drum saying, "T-t-t-that's all, folks!"
  • Second segment:
    • The second act is a parody of many video games.
    • In the second segment, when the professor determines the meaning of everything, it seems to parody art games like "Every Day the Same Dream" and "One Chance".
    • After the professor has solved all the questions of the universe, there are many references to various video games: Space Invaders, Boulder Dash with 'Digger', Donkey Kong, Tapper, and Dig Dug, and the clouds and pipe from Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan only version).
  • Third segment:
    • The third act can be a reference to Japanese animation shows.
    • Amy's hairstyle in the third segment seems to be a parody of Sailor Moon.
    • In the third segment, Some of the music is actually from real anime shows, esp. Voltron and Macross.
    • Bender transform into to a bigger and more powerful robot, which can be a reference to the movies Transformers.
    • Hermes can be a reference to Samurai Jack.
    • Cubert's cameo appearance references Spritle Racer from Speed Racer. His pet seal is reminiscent of Spritle's pet chimpanzee, Chim-Chim.
    • As the episode ends, the aliens disappear into the sky like a star, similar to when Team Rocket blasting off in Pokémon.
    • Fry climbing into bender is a possible reference to mechas, like in tengen toppa gurren lagann or Gundam.