"Not so fast. BUT FASTER THAN THAT!"

Roberto V2.0 is what became of Mecha-Hermes, when his Human brain and hair were removed (...and reinserted into the Frankenstein's monster body that Dr. John A. Zoidberg made out of the parts which Yuri gradually removed from Hermes Conrad body). Oddly, the brainless robot body on the operating table was able to grab and insert the "Robot Brain" of the recently executed Roberto in his own head. He then reshapes his head and face to resemble his former appearance more, though now his body has many more Destructor and Kill-bot style features.

He died after eating some of Hermes Conrad's skin which had become laced with spice from all the spicy food Hermes Conrad ate over the years. The sheer spiciness was too much for him and he melted.

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