Robot Elders
Gender Male
Species Robots
Age 400
Planet Chapek 9
Profession Rulers of Chapek 9
Relatives Each other
Status Alive
First appearance Fear of a Bot Planet
Voiced by Green Elder: David Herman
Blue Elder: Billy West
Orange Elder: Maurice LaMarche
Jimmy: John DiMaggio

The Robot Elders are a group of five robots who ruled the planet Chapek 9. They are a corrupt government. They know that humans are no threat to robots but spread anti-human propaganda among the robots of Chapek 9 anyway. They were carved from meteorites by the Robot Founders.

Trivia Edit

  • The Robot Elders start almost every sentence with, "silence!", in the process often interrupting each other and the Planet Express crew. On the commentaries, the writers discuss how amusing this was to write.

Appearances Edit