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Robot Hell is a place in Atlantic City where all bad robots are sent. When Bender found religion, he was signed up to go to Robot Hell automatically. He was kidnapped by the Robot Devil and got sent there after quitting religion. He escaped with Fry and Leela after hitting the Robot Devil over the head with the golden fiddle they had to play a fiddle contest with in order to escape alive. Robot Hell is hidden in Reckless Ted's Funland.


  • Inside "The Inferno", the ride that drops into Robot Hell there is a heart carved into the bottom of a wall with a heart containg "HS + MB", likely a reference to Homer and Marge Simpson (her Maiden name is "Bouvier"). This is seen when Fry and Leela enter to rescue Bender. This is significant because Dan Castellaneta who voices Homer also voices the Robot Devil, leader of Robot Hell. The Simpsons is also another animated TV show created by Matt Groening who created Futurama.




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