The Robot Mafia is an inter-galactic crime syndicate based in Fronty's Meat Market, New New York, and are a highly successful criminal group, turning their metallic hands to everything, from running numbers to stealing cigars. The Planet Express crew fell victim to the Robot Mafia at one point, not knowing that Bender was hired to participate in the robbery. Thanks to Bender, the crew survived, clueless to what really went on whilst they were blindfolded on the bridge of the Planet Express ship.

The Robot Mafia often dines out, with Elzar's restaurant being a favorite location. They had a gentleman's club, and their leader, The Donbot, has a taste for accessories, such as rings, capes and hats.

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Former Edit

  • Bender ((a.k.a. "Blotto") was a member for a single episode.)
  • Tinny Tim (as a helper)

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