• Mildred Fry:Every little thing reminds me of Enos [She picks framed portrait of the explosion Enos was in before crying on Fry's shoulder.]
  • Fry: Aw, I know how you feel my grandfather died recently.[They drink their cups of wine.]
  • Mildred: It's all so sad. At times like this, I just need someone to hold me. [She puts her arms around Fry.] Mmm. [sexfully] You like holding me, don't you?[rubs his shoulders seductively]
  • [Fry shakes and stands up.]
  • Fry: Hey, you know what always cheers you up? Baking me a nice tray of sugar cookies!
  • Mildred: How 'bout these cookies, sugar?
  • [She rips her dress open, revealing her bra covered breasts. Fry jumps with shock and throws his glass across the room.]
  • Fry: I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't even exist. But I do exist. Which proves ... you can't really be my grandm--
  • [Mildred passionately kisses him and they fall onto the couch, moaning.]

Fry: Hey, what smells like blue?

Farnsworth: Well, now everything is back as it was. And if history doesn't care that our degenerate friend Fry is his own grandfather, then who are we to judge?

Fry: But- but won't that change history?

Farnsworth: Oh, a lesson in not changing history from Mr. "I'm my own grandpa".

[Fry tells Farnsworth about his grandpa being stationed at Roswell]

Farnsworth: YOUR GRANDPA?! Stay away from him you dimwitted monkey!

Fry: Here we are, in the middle of nowhere, which is the safest part of nowhere.

Bender: [noticing the nuclear blast that has just incinerated Enos] And you are outta here.

Farnsworth: [moans] oh lordie loo we're gonna have to listen to the horrible sensation of the Big Bopper.

  • Enos: Yeah. But did you ever get the feeling you're only goin' out with girls 'cause you're supposed to?