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Season Four of Futurama consisted of twelve episodes that aired on the Fox Network in the United States from December 9, 2001 to April 21, 2002. The original order of eighteen episodes was split; nine episodes of the initial third-season order aired along with only three episodes of fourth-season order, while the remaining fifteen fourth-season episodes aired as the bulk of the fifth season.

Ep Title Writer(s) Director(s) Original airdate
45-1 Roswell that Ends Well J. Stewart Burns Rich Moore December 9, 2001
The combined explosions of a supernova and Fry putting metal in the microwavе hurtle the Planet Express crew back in time to 1947. They land at Roswell, New Mexico, where a shattered Bender is mistaken for UFO debris, Zoidberg is kidnapped by the U.S government and taken in for an alien autopsy, and Fry accidentally kills his grandfather, Enos Fry, in a nuclear explosion.
46 - 2 A Tale of Two Santas Bill Odenkirk Ron Hughart December 23, 2001
A Planet Express mission to Robot Santa Claus' colony on Neptune leaves the murderous robot trapped in the frozen sea, and Bender takes over as Santa, vowing to bring peace and goodwill to Xmas again. But when Bender is mistaken for the real Robot Santa Claus, he is arrested and sentenced to death.
47 - 3 Anthology of Interest II L. Morton, D. X. Cohen, J. Gorbett, S. Kirby Bret Haaland January 6, 2002
When the Professor fine-tunes his What-If Machine, Bender discovers what it would be like if he were human, Fry discovers what it would be like if life were more like a video game, and Leela discovers what it would be like if she found her true home.
48 - 4 Love and Rocket Dan Vebber Brian Sheesley February 10, 2002
Bender falls deeply in love with the Planet Express ship autopilot's female voice setting. Meanwhile, Fry searches for the perfect candy heart to properly convey his feelings for Leela.
49 - 5 Leela's Homeworld Kristin Gore Mark Ervin February 17, 2002
When Bender disposes nuclear waste in the sewers, the angry mutants drag him, Fry, and Leela down to the depths to be mutated. As they attempt to escape, Leela makes an incredible discovery about her true heritage, finally meeting her parents for the first time.
50 - 6 Where the Buggalo Roam J. Stewart Burns Pat Shinagawa March 3, 2002
When Amy's parents' ranch is hit by a dust storm that blows away their herd of buggalo, Kif sets out to prove his masculinity by rounding up the herd, only to become entangled with the native Martians.
51 - 7 A Pharaoh to Remember Ron Weiner Mark Ervin March 10, 2002
Bender fears that nobody will remember him after he dies, and sees his chance for immortality when the crew is enslaved on the planet O'Cyris IV. Posing as the planet's new pharaoh, Bender orders a humongous statue built in his honor, and quickly goes mad with power and tyranny.
52 - 8 Godfellas Ken Keeler Susie Dietter March 17, 2002
Bender is accidentally shot out of the ship's torpedo tube and becomes lost in space. Floating through the ethereal darkness, Bender becomes inhabited with tiny alien life forms, but has trouble playing God to their unyielding prayers until he meets the real thing
53 - 9 Future Stock Aaron Ehasz Brian Sheesley March 31, 2002
With Planet Express in financial trouble, Fry nominates a flashy businessman named Steve "That Guy" Castle from the 1980s to replace Professor Farnsworth as CEO of the company. That Guy goes on to sell Planet Express to Mom's Friendly Robot Corporation, putting everyone out of a job.
54 - 10 A Leela of Her Own Patric M. Verrone Swinton O. Scott III April 7, 2002
Leela endeavors to become the first female blernsball player, but her lack of depth perception hinders her skills. Nevertheless, she becomes the pitcher for the New New York Mets, purely for her novelty value. Fry helps a couple of aliens with their struggling pizza business.
55 - 11 The 30% Iron Chef Jeff Westbrook Ron Hughart April 14, 2002
Bender receives culinary lessons from the great chef Helmut Spargle, and puts his skills to the test on national television when he competes against Elzar on "Iron Cook". Meanwhile, Dr. Zoidberg accidentally destroys Professor Farnsworth's ship-in-a-bottle and pins the blame on Fry, only to be struck with remorse afterward.
56 - 12 Where No Fan Has Gone Before David A. Goodman Pat Shinagawa April 21, 2002
Fry leads the crew on a quest across the galaxy to regain the forbidden 79 episodes of Star Trek, where they encounter the original cast of the show - as well as their captor, an obsessive energy being named Melllvar.