Sideshow Fry is the twelfth issue of the Futurama series of comic books.


The crew go to see a circus, and while waiting for the show to start come across a freak show. Fry here reveals that he's got an "outie" as they call it, which is basically that his belly button sticks out. Apparently this trait was considered to be, as Leela puts it, "The O.J. Simpson of body parts" in their time. Fry is spotted by the circus' freak-show runner, and he and the ring master capture Fry as one of their own freaks, where upon he finds life isn't so bad and falls in love with a bearded woman. Meanwhile, Bender plots revenge on cannon-shooter extraordinaire The Unhuman Cannonball, aka a robot named Dewey whom Bender knew during his brief stint as a military cook. Jealous that Dewey took over his job unfairly, Bender seeks his justice by replacing him for the circus' main event.[1]

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It is probably based on Sideshow Bob, a character from The Simpsons, another show created by Matt Groening.


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