Slaves Of New New York!

Slaves of New New York! is a cross-over comic book featuring the cast of The Simpsons and Futurama. It is the fourth such crossover comic.

Published for March 2005, this amazing and now rare comic crossover sees the first page as a full page depicting Kent Brockman and Morgor on television with lots of The Simpsons and Futurama characters running around fighting.

Plot Edit

The Futurama crew are lounging around watching the weird yellow people running round, when Professor Farnsworth comes in and tells them whats happened with his flashback pill.

We find that Professor Farnsworth has cut a rift in a Simpsons comic to bring them into their world. When too many people come in, the professor decides to use them as slaves. Now returning to the present, the Simpson family hide in the Planet Express building but to stay, have to work at the Galactic Express Building. After a few dangerous missions which take the mickey out of a few films Star Wars and Alien, etc. They return, exhausted from the work. Then, it goes to the Nimbus Ship, where most of the characters are. Then, whilst Bart is messing about with Professor Farnsworth's inventions, Bender comes in and chucks the scissor iPod invention (which brought the Simpsons to the Futurama area) out of the window into the library, cutting hundreds of books, bringing many rifts alive so that there are hundreds of book characters rampaging through New New York! Continued in Crossover Crisis II Part 2!

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