The Slurm Queen is seen when Fry and the rest of the Planet Express crew won a trip to see the Slurm Factory. She then proceeds to act as an antagonist by setting up death traps.

During the tour, they meet Slurms McKenzie, find out the factory is a fake and that the proper production of Slurm happens in secret tunnels beneath the fake factory. She is the creature that makes Slurm, a secretion from her anus, which is later canned and sold to the public.

When the Planet Express crew are disgusted by the secret and only ingredient, she says that it's nothing new, as cows and bees both produce their liquid from their rear end. When Leela ask her about toothpaste, she says "you don't want to know".

She produces a "Super Strength Slurm" for Fry to drink during as a death sentence, stating that it is so addictive that Fry won't be able to stop eating it until his stomach bursts. She gets trapped with Slurms McKenzie in a tunnel, but does not die when the tunnels fall and starts drinking her own Slurm in a loop.

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