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"Wimmy Wham Wham Wozzle!"
Slurms MacKenzie

Slurms MacKenzie (b. August 13, 2950 - July 21, 3000) was the mascot for Slurm, a highly addictive drink, and is called The Original Party Worm. The Slurm company held a competition where the winner gets to visit the factory and party with Slurms MacKenzie.[1]

Before this, Slurms had been partying for about 40 years with his female companions, Dixie and Trixie. Slurms also has to party all night and every night, or he'll be fired.

Slurms also said the quote "Wimmy wham wham wozzle!" which appears later in the series.

Slurms reveals that he is exhausted by his party lifestyle and sacrifices his life so that Bender, Fry, and Leela may live.

In "Spanish Fry", he appears in a photo with Fry.

In "Yo Leela Leela" he appears in the Young Peoples' Choice Awards as an award statue called the Slurmie award. Leela won this award for her kids show Rumbledy-Hump.


  • The name and occupation of Slurms MacKenzie, the public relations representative for Slurm, is a reference to the white English bull terrier mascot for Bud Light beer Spuds MacKenzie.