Steampunk'd is the fifty-seventh issue of the Futurama series of comic books.


What would have happened if Fry traveled back in time 100 to a sci-fi influenced, industrialized Victorian Age rather than a thousand years into the future?[1]


Fry is back in the year 1999 at Applied Cryogenics that night where he actually travelled forward in time. He decide to play along and falls down the chair but misses and is instead send back in time to the year 1899. Here he meets Benderplate and is brought to the delivery company Planet Express and have to deliver Lady Wong to the Moon via a "ship". Here they have to surrender Lady Won to Admiral Zappdach Brannigan. They expored her to the Moon kingdom so she can acquire a business license, but Kif and Zappdash convince them to license Slurm instead, but when they drink it they become dragons. The whole crew dies except Fry who goes to the ship, but is attacked by a dragon which he successfully escapes from. Then Aston Kutcher's head appears and tells Fry that he has been Steampunk'd and that the whole thing was fake. Extremely cross, Fry tries to kill Aston Kutcher.


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