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The Sub-sewer is the sewer underneath the sewer. It is accessible via a giant toilet in the sewer; the El Chupanibre is flushed down it. Some claim that in the sub-sewers, there are a race of hideous sub-mutants. Most dismiss this as a sub-urban legend.

In the comics it turns out that the sub-sewer is actually home to a utopian society of horrible people. Founded by enormous snobs trying to get away from other people the society today developed a form of speech based purely on biting sarcasm, meaning they always mean the opposite of everything they say.

Dr. Zoidberg, Amy and Hermes were initially delighted with the apparent welcoming paradise the sub-sewer was. It wasn't until Hermes read the book on their history that the three found out that the apparently friendly natives were naturally sarcastic and had been mocking them and telling them to leave since they'd arrived.

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