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A suicide booth.

Suicide Booths are booths found on nearly every street in the year 3000. They are roughly the same size as a phone booth. When in use, a sign above the entrance lights up. They showcase the light attitude towards death in the 31st century.

Suicide booths were invented somewhere between 2006 and 2008. Since 2008, America's most important brand of suicide booths is Stop'n'Drop. Stop'n'Drop suicide booths have two modes of death: "quick and painless" and "slow and horrible", which is apparently synonymous with "collect call", and "clumsy bludgeoning". A suicide in a suicide booth usually costs 25 cents.


Lynn, a suicide booth.

  • Suicide booths give receipts for suicides even though the person dies.
  • Fry met Bender after mistaking a suicide booth for a phone booth. Bender attempted to use the booth to kill himself after he realized that all the metal he was bending was to be used in suicide booths.
  • In 2017, a euthanasia enthusiast invented a real world suicide machine which used liquid nitrogen to kill you.
  • In a contrast to the first episode of Futurama, Bender steps into an actual phone booth in "Lethal Inspection", which Hermes Conrad mistakes for a Suicide booth. Hermes is both surprised and impressed by the phone booth, and proceeds to throw his cell phone away.
  • The same happens in Bender's Big Score, when Bender decides to kill himself after losing Fry in the year 2000, after being tasked by the scammers to go back in time and kill Fry. After realizing that it was a phone booth, Bender remarks: "What kind of horrible suicide-free time is this?"
  • Suicide Booths appear in Futurama: The Game during the New New York Levels. The player can in fact make Fry interact with the object, unsurprisingly causing immediate death.




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