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Tanya is a one time character in Futurama, who made her sole appearance in the episode, "Stench and Stenchibility".


Not much is known about her as we never see her family, where she lives, or anything from her personal life, but we do know that she is 6 years old and it is shown that she is a talented young tap dancer. She was Bender's rival in a tap dancing contest.

Tanya beats Bender in the tap dancing competition by breaking his leg, nearly winning, but dies due to her heart condition while accepting the trophy. Bender was gleeful at her demise and not able to contain himself to tap-dance on her grave, he begins dancing on her corpse as he is met with disgust by the crowd. However, this act accidentally restarts her pacemaker, allowing her to survive and wake up, to everyone's shock. The crowd cheer Bender on for being a "hero" while he is shocked by the praise received from them. Later on, Tanya and Bender tap dance outside the Planet Express Building where she tells him that despite him saving her, it won't cause her to hesitate to beat him again. Impressed by her irredeemable, evil nature, Bender teams up with her and they mug Hattie together when she tries to put a coin in their donation hat.


Despite her sweet appearance and how others perceive her, she is shown to be a very nasty little girl, as she attempts to sabotage Bender by breaking his legs so that he won’t be able to pose a threat to her in the contest.

Afterwards, she didn't seem to change her opinion once he saved her life, though did acknowledge it. It was shown that Bender has taken a liking to her nasty behavior, and the two of them begin to perform on the street so that they can swipe money from other people.



  • Tanya is clearly a reference to Tonya Harding who was famously known for causing the attack on her ice skating rival Nancy Kerrigan.