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That Was Then (And This is Too)
Music by Christopher Tyng
Lyrics by Ken Keeler
Performed by Seth MacFarlane
Appearance Into the Wild Green Yonder

That Was Then (And This is Too) is performed by Seth MacFarlane during the opening credits of Into the Wild Green Yonder.


Seth: You and I will be reborn
In a future place and time
If everything our Hindu brethren say is true
In an age of things that hover
You and I will still be lovers
And we'll say to ourselves
"That was then
This is too"
Heads that resemble the Rat pack: Doo doo doo-doody doo doo da-doo doodoo
Seth: Cause we'll still find
The happenin' hot spots
We'll still cruise
The cool casinos
You'll still fly me to the moon
Although the moon to which you'll fly me
Could be Phobos or Deimos
The psychic worms from Rigel 9
Who control everything we do
Will make us think that was then
In 3010
Is exactly the same as 1962
Don't expect any changes my friend
That was then
And this is too--!