• The title is a reference to the phrase "The Birds and the Bees" which is an English idiomatic expression that refers to courtship and sexual intercourse.
  • Bev has Slurm Loco, Slurm, Diet Slurm, Dr. Jitter, Mountain Goo, and Walrus Juice. These refer to Coke Classic, Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, and Bug Juice.
Fry Looking Squint

Fry squinting

  • The opening caption is a reference to the now famous Fry internet meme (taken from the episode "The Lesser of Two Evils"), which was also used in the promos for the new season. Another internet meme of Fry that was featured in the episode is the "Shut up and take my money" meme.
  • Parody of the Batman spotlight in the original Batman series.
  • Zoidberg says "To the Employment Cave!" which refers to the infamous phrase, "To the Batcave!". This reference goes along with the Batman spotlight reference.
  • Second subtitle with an image in it instead of just font (the first was "The Mutants Are Revolting").
  • The bot-mitzvah sign has a line that reads "Happy ln(bΩer)".
  • Fry glowing to help the crew through the fog is a reference to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.
  • Barbados Slim is seen in Hermes' house during the opening scene. This is indicating LaBarbara is cheating on Hermes.
  • The teen robot center where the Professor takes Bender to watch Pants Full Of Shame is named for Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons and Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet.
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