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  • The title is is a play on the adage that "idle hands are the Devil's play things".
  • This is the first and only episode of Futurama in standard definition to not have an Opening Cartoon. Instead, it immediately shows the "Created By/Developed By" Credits and then skips into an infinite regress of the ship crashing.
  • Leela is seen eating a buggalo wing.
  • The Robot ears Beelzebot trades with Leela previously belonged to Calculon.
  • When Leela states that she wants to hear how Fry's opera ends, this is a reference to the fact that this was the series finale.
  • The plot may be an allusion to Faust, though the idea of selling your soul to the devil for artistic talent is the basis of many stories.
  • This is one of the few times that Bender feels bad for another character, when Leela accidentally becomes deaf because of Bender's horn the devil gave him, Bender yells at the devil saying that "It's just mean!".
  • A plot hole in the episode is that robosexual marriage isn't legal so in effect Fry could've finished his opera.
  • When the Robot Devil spins the Wheel of Robots, the name "Lisa" can be seen for a brief moment. This might be a reference to Lisa from The Simpsons or it might be Lisa from Bender's hallucination in Obsoletely Fabulous, hinting that she is real.
  • At the start of the episode, it says "See You on Some Other Channel", possibly due to the fact that it was the last episode of Futurama bought by FOX.
  • After this episode Futurama entered hiatus due to FOX not having an interest in the show.
  • On Adult Swim this episode was rated TV-PG-V, while in local syndication it's rated TV-14-DV.
  • This episode is the second time Fry plays the Holophonor.
  • The title of the opera could be based on the title of the book, Ami : L'Enfant des étoiles, a 1999 book which title, translated from French, means Ami : Child of the stars.
  • This episode aired 3 days before Futurama: The Game was released.