"Fry? Why are you looking for Flexo in my underpants drawer?"
"I didn't find him here 10 minutes ago so I thought it was time to check again."

"The Lesser of Two Evils" is episode ten in Season Two of Futurama. It originally aired in North America on February 20, 2000.

Plot Edit

At a "Past-o-Rama" event, Fry accidentally runs over a robot that looks exactly like Bender. His name is Flexo and he immediately gets along well with Bender. Fry, however, believes that Flexo is evil, especially noting his tendency to constantly insult him and follow it up with half-hearted, "just kidding," making a humongous robot stripper give him a painful lap dance, or when he blows chlorine in his face. Later, Professor Farnsworth hires Flexo to be extra help to guard a beautiful gigantic atom of "jumbonium," which goes on top of the Miss Universe Pageant winner's tiara. Fry falls asleep on his watch and when he wakes up, the atom is gone and so is Flexo. Bender, Fry and Leela search the ship but Fry mistakes that Bender is Flexo because Bender uses a map, turtleneck sweater and a scarf which hides where Flexo's goatee would have been. When they go into the pagent they are pressured by Bob Barker to find the atom before it's too late Bender, Fry and Leela run into Flexo. Bender and Flexo engage in combat. Not knowing who to shoot, Leela shoots an overhead chandelier, hitting them both. The chandelier ornaments knock Bender's door open, revealing that Bender was the one who stole the jumbonium. Flexo had actually run to tell Bob Barker. However, in the end, the police apprehend Flexo instead and Bob Barker, saying that he "looks like {the thief}", had him taken away instead of Bender.

Production Edit

In the audio commentary of the show, David X. Cohen states that this episode was the only one to which he gave his artistic input. Halfway through the episode when Fry, Bender and Flexo are at a robot strip club, a robot stripper with a strange gear oriented design can be seen. Cohen claims that he drew the robot himself. [1]

Continuity Edit

  • In this episode, Bender mistakes a telephone booth for a suicide booth while at Past-o-Rama. In "Space Pilot 3000", Fry mistakes a suicide booth for a telephone booth.
  • The Crushinator, from "The Series Has Landed" is seen in this episode.

Alienese Edit

  • The signs in Alienese say, "Laser Tentacle Surgery" and "Way to go, Dexter!".

Ongoing ThemesEdit

Fry still hasn't completely fallen in love with Leela. In this episode he has sex with a "radiator woman from the radiator planet." Hermes begins his habit of swearing with phrases like "Sweet llama of the Bahamas."

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