Futurama Goof S06E12

The "floating" lampposts

  • After the West Side pipe way is bent to return sewage to the surface two streetlamps are bolted to the surface of the sewage, despite people walking around submerged to their waist in waste.
  • Considering the artificial gravity in the ship, Bender would not be leaning in all directions, because gravity wouldn't be moving as the ship rotates. The ship has artificial gravity but it doesn't damper inertia effectively at times, possibly for comedic effect. For instance, if inertia was dampered entirely, Leela wouldn't have been thrown from the ship during Attack of the Killer App.
  • In the scene where the Professor is trying to open the safe on The Land Titanic, he is using the Cruise Director's leg bones to crack it open. However, a few moments later (after blasting the rest of the skeleton to dust with the Quantum Gemerald) he is seen smacking Fry across the face with a skeleton's hand.
  • Outside the Astor Endowment Fundraiser, on the banner it says "NO TOP HAT, NO MONOCLE, NO SERVICE". However, inside, clearly none of the guests have a top hat and a monocle. Therefore, all the guests would be kicked out upon entry.
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