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"The Prince and the Product" is the ninth episode of Season 8 of Futurama and the 149th episode overall.


The Planet Express Crew are reborn as toys.

Opening Sequence[]

Futurama logo with subtitle, Alienese and (often), cartoon.


The Prince of Space[]

Fry and Leela make a delivery to the King of Space where Leela quickly falls in love with his son, the Prince of Space. They announce plans to wed which evokes tears from Fry. The continuing story is interrupted by "Windos". The King opposes the wedding as Leela is a commoner. Fry challenges him to a duel, which if Fry loses, will mean his death. "Round Wheels" interrupts. The duel is a joust (with the Human-horn dealer in attendance) and Leela acts as Fry's champion. She wins the duel but unknowingly, kills the Prince who secretly championed for the King.


A commercial for "Windos" featuring the Great Reveal-o and Humorbot 5.0 plays. The crew are re-imagined as wind-up toys. It's discovered that Fry doesn't have long to live as his main spring is wound down from all the time he spent cryogenically frozen. Bender refuses to lose Fry so they visit Preacherbot, who isn't any help. After Amy mentions a guru in the mountain may provide a solution, the crew embarks on an arduous journey. Fry appears to die along the way so Bender sacrifices himself to bring Fry back to life. Bender then falls into a lava tube and is melted. To bring back Bender, Fry continues the journey and discovers the guru is the Robot Gypsy. She tells Fry that Bender will be reincarnated which becomes so as Bender is transformed into an airplane.

Round Wheels[]

Re-imagined as toy cars, Zoidberg is saddened when he is the only crew member who doesn't go on a mission to Saturn. On their return, a Channel √2 News item featuring Morbo and Linda reports that cars are disappearing after watching a video and receiving a mysterious phone call that their warranty has expired. Amy is the first to fall victim and hypnotically drives to "Warranties R Us" where she is destroyed. Fry, Leela and Bender are next. The Professor and Hermes follow Bender but insist that Zoidberg stay behind. Along the way, the Professor is accidentally destroyed by Hermes. Arriving at "Warranties R Us", Hermes watches Bender being destroyed and is able to enter the building without being chopped up. Inside, he discovers Zoidberg is the villain and is incorporating body parts from each of the destroyed crew members so he will never be unincluded again. He smashes Hermes with a lift and replaces his hood and front grill with Hermes'. In doing so, there are no Zoidberg components left in the car. The "crew" car runs Zoidberg's grill over, is smashed outside but since Amy bought the warranty, is fixed and drives away happily.

Rubber Ducks[]

Fry, Amy, Zoidberg and the Professor are rubber ducks who embark on a sea voyage of discovery. They encounter ducks Zapp and Kif before landing on an island inhabited by egg-shaped Leela, Hermes, Bender, Scruffy, Hattie, Lrrr and Hedonismbot. During a dinner, Fry expresses his attraction to Leela which causes a war in which everyone is killed.

Ongoing Themes[]


"Sweet Subaru of Timbuktu!"


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