Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Fry: Why, Zoidberg?! Why?!
  • [Zoidberg points at Clamps with his left claw.]
  • Zoidberg: Because our friend Francis here is in reality... A bad murderer.
  • [Fry looks surprised. Billy West and the Crushinator walk up to them.]
  • Billy West: Yup. He was fixin' to kill me. [Billy West points at Zoidberg.] This here crawdad done saved my life!
  • [A ringing sound is heard. Hermes, Professor Farnsworth, Leela, Amy, Fry, Zoidberg, and Clamps turn to their right. Professor Farnsworth, Leela, and Fry gasp. The ringing sound is being made by Bella, who is wearing a black dress and holding a gun.]
  • Bella: Bender, you two-timing jerk! [Bella points at herself with her left hand.] I put off my singing career for you! And, if I can't have you, [screaming] no one can!
  • [Bella shoots Billy West three times, making three holes in his chest.]
  • Billy West: Aw, shucks.
  • [Billy West falls down. Fry, Zoidberg, the Crushinator, Leela, Amy, Professor Farnsworth, and Hermes go to aid of him.]
  • Fry: Bender!
  • [Fry kneels before Billy West.]
  • Leela: No!
  • Hermes: What?
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