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"All those times I said 'Kill all humans', I'd always whisper 'Except one'. Fry was that one... and I never told him so!"


Leela disguises Bender as a space bee.

The Planet Express Crew are sent on a dangerous mission that their predecessors didn't survive: collecting honey from Space Bees. Bender is given a tape to speak the bees' language of dancing so they don't attack Fry and Leela.

Leela finds an adorable baby queen bee and decides to take it back to Earth so they can create their own hive. Bender accidentally insults the queen bee and the offended space bees proceed to chase the crew. While escaping in the Planet Express Ship, the baby queen bee wakes up. Fry stands in front of Leela to protect her, but it stabs right through Fry to get at Leela. The bee's stinger only pricks Leela, but Fry is impaled and dies. Bender tosses the bee into the airlock and shoots it into open space, where it gets splattered by an oncoming space-truck.

Later, a funeral is held for Fry and his coffin is shot into the depths of space. During the funeral, a tearful Kug (from "Amazon Women in the Mood") declares that Fry "did good snu-snu", which causes a few of that women Fry previously slept with (including Morgan Proctor, Petunia and Michelle Jenkins) to derisively say "Ehh...", with the female radiator from the radiator planet whistling doubtfully.

Later that night, after Fry's funeral, Leela starts to experience strange dreams that all end with Fry telling her "You have to wake up". The other employees of Planet Express start to get concerned about her behavior, thinking she is going insane.

Later that night, Leela has a dream where Fry gives her his jacket: she wakes up with his jacket, which she finds out the next day is really her off-the-rack lime green jacket. Amy speaks to her in Professor's voice, as Leela is stunned before Amy uses her regular voice. After she says she need more space honey, Professor and Zoidberg warn her that one spoonful will calm her down and two will help her sleep... but three will put her in a sleep so deep that she'll never wake up. Hermes in Professor's voice and Bender with Amy's voice, much to Leela's horror.

Later, Leela eats some space honey to calm herself down, but accidentally spills some royal jelly on the couch, causing a naked, sticky and confused Fry to form and ask "Why am I sticky and naked? Did I miss something fun?".

According to the Professor's Gizmometer, the royal jelly Fry had fallen into during the mission had an imprint of his DNA, causing a new body of his to form when it mixed with Fry's hair and skin (and blood) in the couch. The crew are delighted, with Bender stating they should celebrate with Fry's once valid cards. After they leave, Leela announces she is relieved he is back however, when he asks Leela to "wake up", she is devastated to find out that this is just another dream.

Leela flies out into space to retrieve Fry's corpse (so she can keep it under her mattress to remind herself that he is really dead), and locates the coffin slowly rotating in the void, accompanied by the sounds of "Also sprach Zarathustra". Inside is a multi-colored tunnel...

Leela wakes up in her apartment (again) with the other employees' faces filling the walls and floor, yelling "You killed Fry!" at her. Now believing that she really is insane, and that the only time she is happy is in her dreams with Fry, she decides to take enough space honey to put her into an ever-lasting sleep.

Fry's framed picture is beside her bed, and it starts encouraging her to resist giving into her grief and taking the third spoonful. Lowering the spoon, Leela throws the jar at a large bee that's threatening her, only for the resulting mess to create many smaller bees.

As she hugs the framed photo, Fry's image implores Leela again and again to "wake up", and she finally does... in a hospital bed, with a sobbing, disheveled and unshaven Fry saying "wake up" beside her.

As it turns out, the bee's stinger went straight through Fry's body and Leela ended up getting all the poison, while Fry only had to have his spleen replaced (his new one came from a guy who died in a motorcycle accident). The rest of the Planet Express crew come in, and are shocked and delighted to see Leela awake. Bender states that she was "in the best coma I've ever seen!". Amy then tells Leela that she was in a coma for two weeks and that Fry never left her side for a second, speaking to her constantly to "keep her mind together" (with Zoidberg even likening him to a "parrot of the sea"). The episode ends with Fry and Leela hugging and whispering that they both need to take a shower.

Ongoing Themes

Death and Injury

  • The horrible, painful deaths of the previous Planet Express crew are played out on their ship's black box.
  • Fry's emergency high-speed escape-pack crisis response unit slams him against a few walls, since he has put the device on upside-down.
  • At least one space-bee explodes while chasing the Planet Express crew.
  • Fry and Leela are both stung by the baby queen space-bee Leela planned to bring home, with Fry getting impaled on its stinger (and dying in Leela's coma-dream).
  • The space-bee that Leela intended to bring home is smashed to pieces by a passing space-truck.
  • After a commercial break, Bender is on fire from the waist up for reasons not explained.
  • Leela watches the other crew members explode one-at-a-time as a space-bee stings them.


  • Bender impersonates a space-bee.
  • Amy and Hermes speak to Leela in Farnsworth's voice, and Bender in Amy's voice.
  • Fry appears in various forms throughout Leela's coma-dreams: as a strangely romantic version of himself, a version of himself made of royal jelly and his bodily fluids from the couch, and a talking photograph on Leela's nightstand.
  • The other crew-members' faces serve as wallpaper and carpeting in Leela's bedroom.

Fry & Leela

  • After their harrowing escape from the space-bees, Fry suddenly has feelings for Leela again. He realizes that he doesn't want anything to happen to her and comments that they need to be more careful. When the baby queen space-bee attacks, Fry puts his body between the bee and Leela to protect her.
  • While Leela is in a coma, she seems to have a lot more affection for Fry than she ever has before, perhaps prompted by Fry's death. In one of Leela's coma-dreams, Fry is very romantic and she enjoys it. The alert viewer might notice that something is clearly amiss with Fry being genuinely romantic with Leela. We have seen from the beginning that Fry has no capacity for romance and usually approaches Leela brazenly, even while thinking to himself that he is in fact being romantic.
  • When Jelly-Fry comes into being, Leela expresses great relief that "Fry" is now alive. She says nothing about feelings for him, in fact clearly denying any such feelings with, "Feeling responsible for your death was driving me mad."
  • When Leela has reached the end of her rope, she muses "The only time I feel alright is in my dreams!", then looking at Fry's picture and adding "with you!". Perhaps here we see that Leela has feelings for Fry that she's not entirely conscious of: she constantly denies having such feelings, but she clearly has some here. Fry's photo says "I love you" to Leela, but her hallucinations frighten her so much that she is unable to respond.
  • When Leela wakes in the hospital, we realize that everything Fry said in her coma-dream was said by the real Fry at her bedside for two weeks. This is not the first time Fry has said "I love you" to Leela, but perhaps going through this experience has matured him somewhat, which would finally give some meaning to the words. Their embrace, lacking a kiss, suggests that even if Leela has begun finally to see the desired maturity in Fry, she's still comfortable being just friends with him.

Character Arcs

  • The alert viewer might be very suspicious when Bender, whose lifelong dream is to be a folk singer and who has sung numerous times in numerous episodes, claims that he's not allowed to sing due to a "court order". This is a hint that we're in an alternate reality, just as Fry's genuinely romantic gestures are.
    • However, it would not be impossible for an actual court to order that Bender not be allowed to sing.


"Sweet three-toed sloth of Ice Planet Hoth!"