• When Bender is telling the bees that he didn't mean they were fat, he doesn't speak in buzz.
  • The Amazonian who says Fry did "good snu-snu", Kug, actually snu-snued Zapp Brannigan.
    • In one episode Fry is seen delivering a package to an Amazonian who looks a lot like Kug, then crashed the ship shortly after, possibly it was Kug, and they snu-snu'ed after this.
  • In this episode, the old crew is revealed to be killed by bees, while the packet containing their career chips in the pilot episode was marked "Space Wasps." Still, it's pretty close.
  • When the crew enters the Planet Express ship after collecting the honey from the hive, Fry's hair is messed up. When he tells Leela to look out, however, his hair is normal.
  • When he defends Leela from the bee, his hair is messy again. When Amy and Zoidberg went to see Fry's body, the ashes of his time card are gone.
  • When Fry is stung, the stinger goes into him at a downwards angle and leaves facing up. At his funeral, the stinger has rotated. This could however be due to Leela's dream being unrealistic.
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