While I'm a fan of the MCU now I'm not too excited for the Black Widow movie. I'm more looking forward to Inhumans, but that wont be coming out until November. After havng learned of the Inhumans from Avengers: Assemble I'm very much interested in the movie. There's only going to be two MCU films this year instead of three, and I think it has to do with James Gunn being fired and then rehired because I think Guardians of the Galaxy 3 was supposed to be this year's third Marvel film. Because of the problems happening behind the scenes the movie's release got delayed. 

One thing about Black Panther that surprised me is how I hated General Ross in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but he was okay in the Black Panther film. In Black Panther he's actually helpful, and he didn't get on my nerves like in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. 

When mentioning my favorite MCU films I only mentioned nine of them. I'm trying to make a top 10 best MCU films, but I'm debating on the tenth film on the list. Guardians of the Galaxy is a strong contender. I'm debating if I'll put The Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy on the list to have 10 films. I was also thinking of putting Avengers: Infinity War on the list, but I might put Guardians instead. I still haven't seen Spider-Man: Far From Home, and there's also a possibility that could be a film I really like as well. Whichever of these I don't put on the list will be honorable mentions.

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