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The Thubanian leader is the leader of the cats from Thuban 9. He uses a puppet, Professor Morris Katz, to interact with the human upper class. He took the role of Leela's pet, Nibbler, for a few days during the Thubanian invasion. His collar is able to glow, as are his companions'. The Thubanians invaded and enslaved Earth in July of 3010.Their purpose was to steal the Earthican magnetic field, but they were eventually stopped by Amy and Nibbler.

After Amy presented her thesis at Mars University in 3010, the Thubanian leader followed her to the Planet Express headquarters. He later summoned his friends, who followed him as well. He began infecting Leela with cutie-pie demonstrations and soon every member of the company was under the control of those darn cats.

The Thubanians, led by this adorable, white cat, convinced the crew to build something sinister, actually the machine from Amy's thesis. After "sending" the electric current generated by the machine to Thuban 9, they left New New York. However, as the employees managed to "bring it back", their planet is now half frozen, half scorched. The Thubanian leader was last seen back on his home world.


Professor Katz (left) and Thubanian leader (right)

  • Apparently enjoys urinating on antique rugs.
  • Is able to summon a saucer by meowing.
  • Leela and Hermes call him "Captain Fuzzytoes" and "Kitty cat", respectively.
  • it is Unknown what his real name is, it is possible that his name is actually Morris Katz.
  • He is also one of the leaders in the Futurama universe to be a villain.