The Timeline is a chronological list of events in Futurama history.

Before TimeEdit

  • Unknown 
    • Yivo, a planet-sized alien from another universe, dwells alone in the emptiness of space.[1]
  • 17 years before the Big Bang 

Beginning of TimeEdit

  • ca. 16 billion years ago
    • The universe is formed in the instantaneous expansion called the "Big Bang".[3]
    • The Brain Spawn comes in existence.[2]
    • The life-force known as Chi that permeated the Universe created an upwelling of life, but then receded, resulting in the extinction of countless species.[4]

Beginning of EarthEdit

  • ca. 4.5 billion years ago
    • The Sun, Earth and the Moon are created (in one reality, the previous versions of Fry, Bender and Professor Farnsworth watch).[3]

Millions of Years BCEdit

  • ca. 500 million years ago
    • An Earth fish crawls onto land (in one reality it is immediately killed by a previous universe's version of Bender).[3]
  • 65.5 million years ago

Tenthousands of Years BCEdit

  • ca. 40,000 years ago.
    • The previous versions of Fry, Bender and Professor Farnsworth watch primitive hominids in North America be killed by Paleo-Indians (in one reality, they do not watch this).[3]
  • 30,000 years ago
    • Homo sapiens drive the Neanderthals from the Neander Valley. Neanderthals settle in a nearby glacier along with several prehistoric creatures.[6]

Thousands of Years BCEdit

  • 3500 B.C.
    • Thuban 9 slowly reduces its own rotation movement, dooming in next millenia its inhabitants.[7]
    • Cats from Thuban 9 arrive in Egypt where they are worshipped like deities. They make the Egyptians build the Great Pyramid of Giza as a giant energy transfer device.[7]
  • 1351 B.C.
    • Bender steals a sarcophagus from Egyptians.[8]
  • ca. 1000 B.C.
    • The people of Osiris 4 visit Ancient Egypt and learn how to build pyramids, travel through space, and how to prepare their dead so as to scare Abbott and Costello.[9]

Hundreds of Years BCEdit

Second MillenniumEdit



  • 1600
    • The previous versions of Fry, Bender and the Professor watch (in one reality) the pilgrims arrive in America and get taken over by the British.[3]


  • 1770
    • "Minuteman" Yancy Fry fights "Commies" (according to Fry's father) in the American Revolution.[12]
    • The Professor, Fry and Bender watch as the American Revolutionaries fight the British, from their time machine.[3]
  • 1775
    • April 17th: the Professor, Bender, Fry and Leela, all go back in time to Revolutionary War Era America, to clear the Farnsworth name.[13]
    • April 18th
      • Paul Revere's "midnight ride" takes place, signaling the start of the American Revolution.[13]
      • Fry grabs one of the lanterns from the Old North Church while in Boston and briefly changes the course of history. The four once again travel back in time and reset the future.[13]


  • 1810
    • The first Oktoberfest is celebrated.[14]


  • 1820
    • The Golden Age of Muttonchops begins.[15]


  • 1887
    • The Golden Age of Muttonchops ends.[15]


  • 1900
    • Gwen's family starts making candy hearts out of earwig honey and bone meal.[16]


  • 1930
    • Hubert J. Farnsworth kills Hitler. In a other reality he attempts to kill Adolf Hitler, but misses it and hits Eleanor Roosevelt instead.[3]
    • Fry, Leela, Bender and Hermes appear in a bar, in a Head trip, after Fry licked Herbert Hoover's head. They return after getting shot at.[13]


  • July 1947
    • The Planet Express Ship crash-lands in Roswell, NM, due to an onboard accident involving the ship's microwave.[17]
    • Fry attempts to protect his grandfather but winds up killing him by accident. He proceeds to sleep with his grandmother, becoming his own grandfather, this causes a genetic mutation, removing his delta brain wave. Yancy Fry, Sr. is conceived.[17]
    • The crew is also forced to leave Bender behind.[17]
  • January 4, 1948
    • Yancy Fry Sr. (Fry's father and simultaneously his son) is born.


  • May 2, 1950
    • Mrs. Fry (Fry's mother and simultaneously his daughter-in-law) is born


  • 1971
    • Yancy Fry Jr. (Fry's brother and simultaneously his grandson) is born.
  • August 9, 1974
    • Phillip J. Fry is born.


  • 1999
    • Phillip J. Fry deposits 93 cents into his bank account. It is invested at an interest rate of 2.25% per year.
    • Nibbler is assigned to planet Vergon 6.[18]
    • December 31: While delivering a pizza to Applied Cryogenics, Phillip J. Fry falls into a cryogenic machine and is cryogenically frozen for 1000 years.[19]

Third MillenniumEdit


  • 2000
    • Fry returns to the past, and moves into an apartment above Panucci's Pizza.[8]
    • New York and New Jersey are overran with piles of garbage, cities sent them to the ocean for 52 years.[20]
  • 2003
    • Lucy Liu is named People's Sexiest Woman of the Year.[21]
    • Lars Fillmore goes to work with Leelu at the New New York Aquarium.[8]
    • April 21: Philip J. Fry (Fry's nephew) is born. He is destined to be the 1st man on Mars and one of the 21st century's greatest celebrities.[22]
  • 2008
    • A Suicide Booth is built in New York.[19]


  • 2010
    • Leelu is released back into the sea. Depressed, Lars Fillmore hires Leroy's fishing boat to take him to the North Pole to find her.[8]
  • 2012
  • 2019
    • The most evil car is built using many evil mechanics such as Hitler's steering wheel.[23]
    • The Were-Car virus is first transmitted, with Calculon being its first victim.[23]


  • 2038
    • Earth's petroleum reserves run dry, and the people of Earth are forced to switch to alternative fuel sources such as whale oil.[24]


  • 2052
    • New York City blasts its garbage into space with a rocket, "never to be seen again".[20]



  • 2200
    • The anchovies become extinct.[25]
  • 2208
    • Scientists change the speed of light so that spaceships can achieve faster than light speeds.[26]



  • 2308
    • Bender travels back in time from 3007, to steal the Nobel Peace Prize and check. The Swedes attack him and with the exception of several buildings such as Applied Cryogenics and the Empire State Building, New York is leveled.[8]
    • This event leads to the second medieval age that lasts throughout the 24th century.[19]


  • 2400
    • American Express ceases to exist.[25]


  • 2500
    • Visas cease to exist.[25]


  • 2620
    • Uranus has its name changed to Urectum to avoid people making fun of the name. [20]





  • 2865
    • The Sithal War occours.[28]



  • 2912
    • April 6: the Land Titanic, the world's only ever street-going vessel, sets sail on its first and only "voyage" from 5th Avenue, New New York.[29]
    • April 10: four days after setting sail, the Land Titanic hits a mailbox near 32nd Street and "sinks" into the sewer.[29]



  • 2931
    • After an argument over the future of Q.T. McWhiskers, Professor Farnsworth and Mom break up.[31]




  • December 31, 2999
    • Phillip J. Fry comes out of the cryogenic machine. He meets Leela, Bender, and Hubert Farnsworth, Fry's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great nephew.[19]

Fourth MillenniumEdit


  • January 1, 3000
    • Phillip J. Fry, Turanga Leela and Bender Rodriguez become Hubert Farnsworth's new delivery crew.[19]
  • March 3000
    • Old New York's garbage ball is on a collision course with earth. The Planet Express Crew is chosen to blow it up before it enters Earth's orbit. This is unsuccessful. Fry then comes up with the plan, of making another garbage ball, to bump the 1st. This works and the Earth is saved.
  • 3002
    • The Crew returns to Roswell (or where it was) to retrieve Bender, who has been buried for more than 1000 years.


  • 3010
    • The Planet Express Crew makes their 100th delivery.
    • Professor Farnsworth invents a Forwards Time Machine, which is a time machine that can only go into the future. Professot Farnsworth orders Fry and Bender to help him test it out but Fry says that he has to go on a date with Leela soon. Professor Farnsworth assures him that they'll only go one minute into the future and Fry hesitantly obliges. When they get in there, Professor Farnsworth accidentally sends them thousands of years into the future, thus beginning a forewards-in-time adventure that doesn't end until they go two lifespans of the universe into the future.
    • Leela gets pissed that Fry didn't show up for their date and then dumps him.
    • Later, The Planet Express Crew notices that Fry, Bender, and Professor Farnsworth have mysteriously gone missing. Nobody heard about the Forewards Time Machine so nobody knows where they went.
    • In the absence of Professor Farnsworth, Leela is named the new leader of Planet Express.
    • Under Leela's management, Zoidberg is fired.
  • 3012
    • Mars is destroyed by a solar flare.
  • 3017
    • November: The soap opera "All My Circuits" is brought back as an audio only podcast.


  • 3030
    • Planet Express is a huge success after the professor, Bender and Fry were gone in the future. [3]
    • After being single for 20 years, Leela looks for love again and finds it immediately with a now full-grown Cubert Farnsworth.


  • 3050
    • Planet Express has become a huge corporation because of the absence of Fry, Bender and the Professor.[3]
    • After being married for around 20 years, Leela and Cubert get a divorce.
    • The video card that Fry made for Leela gets dropped out of the time stream at this exact year and it ends up hitting Leela in the back of the head. Leela sees it and finds out the real reason Fry was late for her birthday in 3010 as well as the whereabouts of Fry, Bender, and Professor Farnsworth.[3]
    • Leela goes back to the cave where she was abandoned and lasers a message to Fry into the ceiling of the cave. Water drips down from the ceiling of the cave and onto the sandy floors, which would eventually create a rock formation that will clearly spell out the message in stalagmites in a couple dectillion years or so.

Far FutureEdit

  • 10,000
    • Apes take over the world.[3]
    • Birds take over the world, presumably after the apes.[3]
    • Cows take over the world, also presumed to have happened after the birds took over.[3]
    • Creatures resembling slugs take over the world, presumably after the cows and eventually died out, or at least left New New York.[3]
  • 105,105
    • Earth goes through its third Ice Age.[3]
  • 252,525
    • The third medieval age in Earth history. Knights ride ostriches instead of horses.[3]
  • 351,120
    • Much of the Earth is underwater, and fish have evolved to the point that there is a kind of shrimp which predates on humans by using a Merman as a lure.[3]
  • 1,000,000½
    • The fourth known "medieval" age in the history of Earth.[3]
    • Humankind is enslaved by giraffes.[3]
  • 5,000,000
    • The human race is split into two kinds: one small and intelligent, the other big and stupid. [3]
  • 5,000,005
    • The Dumblocks defeat the more intelligent half of the human race.[3]
  • 10,000,000
    • Giant human-sized robots, which were created to make the lives of humanity easier, rebel and declare that they won't stop until every human on Earth is dead.[3]
  • 50,000,000
    • Only women seem to exist with any males (young or old) being highly prized presumably for reasons of procreation. [3]
    • Backwards time travel is invented.[3]
  • 500,003,010
    • Alternative Timeline
      • Bender re-enters Earth with petroleum oil he obtained after waiting for 500 million years.[33]
  • 1,000,000,000

End of TimeEdit

  • 10 E 50
    • The end of the universe/original timeline.[3]


  • Absolutely nothing happens.

Second UniverseEdit

Big BangEdit

  • Seconds after the first universe ended, another big bang happened, recreating a second universe, identical to the last one, albeit with a few slight alterations caused by Fry, Bender, and Farnsworth.

Millions of Years BCEdit

  • The first fish walks on land and gets stepped on by Bender.


  • 1933
    • Professor Farnsworth stops the Forwards Time Machine to kill Adolf Hitler.


  • Fry, Bender, and Farnsworth get out of the Forwards Time Machine, only to realize, they overstepped and went too far into the future. They then decide to get back into the time machine and go back around a second time.

Third UniverseEdit

Big BangEdit

  • The third universe is created, only this one is about three feet lower than the last ones.


  • 1962
    • While attempting to kill Hitler a second time, Farnsworth accidentally shoots into the wrong decade and kills Eleanor Roosevelt instead.


  • 2014
    • Springfield Elementary School buries a time capsule that's not to be opened for another 1000 years. Bart blows his nose into a sandwich and throws that into the time capsule. The time capsule is buried underground, where it's surrounded by a bunch of nuclear waste from Mr. Burns' nuclear power plant. Over the years, this toxic acid mutates Bart's sandwich into a bunch of Mutant Rabbits.
    • Later that day, Bender travels from the year 3014, where the time capsule has been exhumed and the rabbits are now attacking all of New New York. Bender returns in search of Homer Simpson so he can kill him, knowing that the DNA from the mutant rabbits can be traced back to his lineage. However, Bender immediately forgets his mission upon arrival and instead becomes friends with Homer.
    • After taking too long to kill Homer, Fry, Leela, and Professor Farnsworth all come back to the year 2014 to help him. However, Lisa begs them not to kill her dad. So, Professor Farnsworth meets Professor Frink, who helps him find a more ethical way to hinder the invasion of the mutant rabbits.
    • Frink and Farnsworth find out the DNA of the rabbits also comes from Marge Simpson so they get ready to kill her before they're stopped once more. Homer and Marge figure out that since the rabbits came from both of their DNA, it must come from one of their kids. It doesn't take long for them to find out it came from Bart. Soon they find out that the mutant rabbits came from the time capsule that Bart buried so they need to dig it up. However, Groundskeeper Willie forbids it because he wrote his name "Angry Janitor" in the cement that the time capsule is embalmed in.
    • The Simpsons (sans Maggie) go into the future to stop the mutant rabbits there. Meanwhile, Maggie lets left behind with Bender and they both hang out in the year 2014.
    • Bender takes Maggie to the horse racing track and bets on a horse named "Bender's Bounty" despite knowing that this horse dies in the race, according to a horse race recap from the future. During the race, Bender's Bounty is all the way in the back and is certain to lose. Out of anger, Bender fires a laser at the horse, killing it and thereby fulfilling the prophecy.
    • Maggie eventually gets Bender to stop screwing around and start making wiser bets on the horses. During this time, the two make a lot of money off of winning horse race bets.
    • After defeating the rabbits, The Simpsons come back to their present.
    • Marge notices that Maggie's diaper is full and Bender goes to Maggie's room to change her. The diaper is actually full of all the money they made. Bender takes the money and gives Maggie a sizeable cut of what they made.
    • Unable to transport himself to the future, (as he, himself, is the portal), Bender puts himself into sleep mode for 1000 years and sleeps in the basement, awaiting the year 3014.
  • 2015
    • At this time, The Simpsons repurpose Bender's body as a safe for storing emergency money.
    • Marge retrieves the money from Bender and gives it to Homer so he can buy a washing machine.
  • 2016
    • Bender temporarily awakens from sleep mode to walk through Homer's live talk show with a sign saying, "Bring Back Futurama (Again)".
  • 2018
    • Bender temporarily awakens from his sleep mode to enjoy swimming around in the water of the flooded Simpson house.


  • 3010
    • Fry, Bender, and Farnsworth finally stop the time machine in the right time and they crush the third universe versions of themselves to death, shortly before they can begin their time travel adventure.
    • Uni. #1 Fry goes to his date with the third universe version of Leela and doesn't tell her that he came from two lifespans of the universe ago. Uni. #1 Fry shows up perfectly on time and satisfies Uni. #3 Leela, thereby maintaining their relationship.
    • Uni. #1 Fry and Uni. #3 Leela go on a date, while Uni. #1 Bender buries the corpses of the Uni. #3 versions of himself, Fry, and Professor Farnsworth.
  • 3012
    • Bender and Bev give birth to Ben Rodríguez, only to later get divorced and ultimately lead to Bev taking custody of the kid and raising him with her new husband, URL.
    • The Planet Express Crew uncovered an Ancient Martian template that predicts the end of Mars. Amy misreads it and thinks that the Earth is going to end this year, causing everyone on Earth to go into a panic and evacuate to go to Mars.
    • The solar flare strikes Mars and sends it hurdling toward Earth, so close to the Earth's surface that the gravitational pulls of both planets overlap. Everyone is able to simply jump off of Mars and land safely on Earth, except for Leela, who has a broken leg.
    • Fry climbs to the top of the planet express building and tries to save her but he ends up ripping her arm off. He tries to save her again but then his arm rips off, sending their two dismembered arms floating off in space.
    • Scruffy saves Leela, just by climbing a ladder.
    • Richard Nixon's Head wins the 3012 election, giving him four more years as president of Earth.
    • Calculon dies.
  • 3013
    • Calculon is resurrected by a Satanist cult.
    • Digby sends a bunch of extremely loud, Earth-shattering radio waves to Earth, in search of his spaceship, which he had parked in 1999 and forgot about. He nearly destroys the planet before Nibbler comes by and sets things straight.
    • As a reward for trying to help them save the world, Nibbler gives Fry one time travel-related wish. Fry uses his wish to go back to the year 2000 in his dream and tell his mom that he loves her and that he's doing just fine in the future. Sherri wakes up in shock the year 2000, having received the message and knowing now that Fry is safe. (It remains unclear whether this message was sent to the first or third universe's version of Sherri.)
    • Fry and Leela accidentally freeze time for the equivalent of a couple decades and spend their time together, falling in love and getting married. When they're old, Professor Farnsworth breaks through time and tells them that he invented a way to send time back to it's normal state but in order to do it, they'd have to undo everything that happened on the day the time freeze happened. Fry and Leela step into the portal and undo everything, setting everything back to normal.
  • 3014
    • The Springfield Elementary School time capsule is opened, unleashing a league of Mutant Rabbits into the world. Bender is sent back in time to the year 2014, to track down the creator, Bart Simpson and force him to undo his crimes. They all go to the year 3014 and Lisa uses her saxophone to hypnotize the rabbits into going into the Madison Cube Garden, which is then lifted by the Planet Express Ship and hurled off into space, where it lands on Omicron Persei 8, causing the rabbits to invade that planet instead.

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