I'm scared and confused. I think we've wandered into an off-Broadway play.

–Turanga Munda in Less Than Hero

Turanga Munda, Ph.D. is the mother of Turanga Leela and wife of Turanga Morris.

She is the daughter of an unnamed mother and the granddaughter of an unnamed grandmother. Munda is also the maternal grandmother of Kif Kroker's offspring who are biologically Leela's children (as well as Amy Wong's adoptive children) while she is the mother-in-law of Philip J. Fry I.


She has one eye, a donkey's tail, octopus tentacles as arms, and purple hair.


She is very intelligent and has a Ph.D. in Exolinguistics, which enabled her to write the indecipherable note left with Leela at the Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium to convince them that she was an alien, which would allow her to live a more comfortable life on the surface.

Munda loves her daughter and from the shadows often watched out from her.

Having lived in the sewers all her life, Munda sought to have a better life once mutants were allowed on the surface and she got the chance once joining the military and exploring the universe.


She was reunited with Leela during the fourth season, in the episode Leela's Homeworld. She and her husband explained the truth of how she ended up on the surface and how they've been watching her.

She and her husband were finally allowed on the surface after the mayor allowed mutants to live among the surface dwellers. She briefly divorced her husband, after he wanted to stay in the sewers. Munda also started a relationship with Zapp Brannigan, who had been romantically chasing her daughter until taking an interest in her.

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